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Sairam Pre University Engineering


  • Exceedingly competent and indulgent, dedicated and enduring faculties.
  • Minimum prerequisite for the faculty is Post Graduation with virtually everyone has accomplished MPhil Or either perusing M.Phil.
  • Novel procedures and methodologies are espoused and practiced in the expanse of instruction to provide the students with the pivotal comprehensive and multifaceted information in every subject with discrete contemplation focused on each and every student.
  • Consistent assessments are systematized to substantiate the pattern of approachable aptitude concerning the students with discipline inculcated as a mark of deference approbation to the moral values and consciences in the society.
  • Eminence is not merely delivered to the Pedagogic facets but to the sports, curricular, co-circular and extra-curricular activities as well.
  • Sluggish beginners are provided a hostel facility with the faculty in the hostel
  • Pedantically administering and facilitating them in expounding their uncertainties in all the subjects.
  • Systematic ‘Parent Teachers Meetings are organized.
  • Information regarding the defaulters and Progress of the students’ is recurrently referred to the parents through SMS alerts.

Teaching Staff

Sl.NoName of the StaffQualificationDesignation
1Prof. Sudhakar D HegdeM.Sc.,Principal Department of Physics
2Mr. K Ananda RajuM.A., M.Ed.,Lecturer in Kannada
3Ms. G JalajaM.Com.,Lecturer in Commerce
4Mrs. M PushpaM.Com., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Commerce
5Mr. K G Srinivasa NaikM.Sc., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Physics
6Mrs. Shanmuga priya KM.A., M.Phil.,Lecturer in English
7Mrs. R SaikalaM.Sc., M.Ed.,Lecturer in Chemistry
8Ms.D AbinayaM.A., M.Phil.,Lecturer in English
9Ms. Deepika D LM.Sc., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Mathematics
10Ms. Asha BM.Sc., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Biology
11Mr. Siva Kumar GM.C.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Computer Science
12Mrs. Rachana NM.Sc., B.Ed., Lecturer in Chemistry
13Mr.Ravichandra NM.A., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Kannada
14Mrs. Lakshmi AM.A.,Lecturer in Economics
15Mr.BalarajuM.Sc., B.Ed.,Lecturer in Physics

Non-Teaching Staff

Non Teaching StaffQualificationDesignation
Mr. Balaraju N CB.Com.,Office superintendent
Mrs.Rajeswari RPUC,DNA,DCALab Assistant
Mr.K RaghavendraSSLCOffice Attender

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Founder Chairman's Message

The Sairam Group of Institutions had a humble beginning in the year 1989 with the start of Sai Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Chennai with just 137 students

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Srisairam Pre-University College